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>> Monday, March 2, 2009

Its been some time that I have written a post in this blog, but finally I decided to do some posting in this blog. Recently its really been quite busy for me in real life, hospital stuff and other stuff. Aside from the recent busy trend, I always take a glimpse at the street sights which I usually observed when I travel from the house to the hospital and vice versa. Its usually a great scenic view but sometimes I m distracted with sights of garbage being littered around.

Since the dawn of industrialization, garbage have mounted to increasing amounts which have left our precious world polluted. With this problem, waste management has been a top priority to minimize waste and garbage from growing. Different schemes have been invented and implemented to address this growing threat. Countries around the Philippines are also showing off with how they manage this ecological threat. Waste management Sydney have shown a great way in dealing with waste, making it up ahead in dealing and controlling waste and garbage. Hopefully in the near future, the garbage and waste that I usually see along the road will be cleared and won't ever cross my eyes again.


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