New Year Resolutions

>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

With the coming of every New Year, also comes different New Year Resolutions from the different personalities and even the different people around you. Each individual has a certain goal for the New Year, something different from last year's, something to improve on or something to remove from one's system. But for me I ve never tried to make any New Year resolutions becasue I know for one thing I can only keep it up for a couple of months then the resolution will be forgotten usually mid year.

New Year resolutions are ok, something to look forward through the year but its really hard maintaining one. For me, a positive outlook in life on a day to day basis is better compared to one resolution for the whole year. Every day activities differ from one another, so your resolution may work now but won't tomorrow. If you handle things independently, on a day to day basis, you can at least meet your goals everyday. Having a New Years resolution is not bad but a unique resolution for each day is more attainable. So which resolutions have you set for this year.


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